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Learn & Experience are an award winning International Camp & Youth Travel provider. L&E offer Adventure, Sport, Activity & English Language Camps in the UK, France and Spain (8-16). Plus Teen Travel Programmes (15-17) and School/Group Trips (8-18) in the UK and across Europe.  L&E follow a simple rule…

“Happy Children Thrive”

Established in 2009 by the Ridgway Family who are still fully immersed in all L&E Programmes. They have a very clear vision for L&E Summer Camps & L&E Teen Travel and keep to a simple principle... "Happy Children Thrive"
  • There are many reasons to learn another language, check out these benefits of bilingualism. https://t.co/dDCE9zRj1x https://t.co/feQsh9O1HP
    - Tuesday Oct 17 - 12:00pm