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Learn and Experience

Learn and Experience offers award-winning residential Summer Camps, Teen Travel programmes and School/Group Experiences.  They cater for British and international children and teens aged 8-16 with an emphasis on adventure, cultural & learning experiences.  Our programmes enable children to learn a huge array of exciting new skills while expert tuition and guidance are provided.  As a result making friendships that span the globe along the way.  With L&E, it is especially relevant that children develop their independence and their confidence.  Again and again, in their own words, they tell us they’ve had the time of their lives.


Our Word

“We are a small company and strive for quality in everything we do. Furthermore, we really understand how much trust parents are putting in us with their children and we take this responsibility very seriously.  Therefore, safety and welfare is our highest concern.  Our caring staff are chosen for their ability to work with children and, most of all, to understand children.  We believe…

“Happy Children Thrive”

Ultimately, we want the children to have an amazing experience and for their parents to know that, most all all, they are safe and well cared for… this is what we have, and furthermore always will achieve.”

What do we offer?

Summer Camps  Teen Travel  School Trips