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Spanish Experience

This page is for Schools & Groups only.  To find out more about the Summer Camps in Madrid & Cantabria click here

Why is this Trip unique?

  • Full integration with Spanish children every day of the trip

  • Sleep, Eat & Communicate Spanish and the culture

  • Spanish Buddy for all your students to correspond with prior to, during and after trip

  • Great locations in child friendly surroundings

  • Organised by a company who understand the parents’, childs’ and teachers’ needs

  • No hidden or extra costs

What’s included?

  • 3/6 Nights Full Board Accommodation

  • Return Flights from Uk to Spain including Transfers

  • Full Excursion, Activity & Evening Programme

  • 1 teacher place for every 10 children

  • Excursion & Entrance Fees included

  • Insurance



  • April, June & July


  • From £395 per student (Based on 3 nights and 20 children)