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Frequently Asked Questions

L&E Summer Camps

What makes L&E Summer Camps special? (Why should I send my child to your Summer camp?)

At L&E Summer Camps, we have a clear motto: ‘Happy Children Thrive’.  Combine this with “Harry Potter”esque venues in beautiful countryside locations, friendly staff, a safe and well-supervised environment, stunning activity courses and evening programmes.  A personal service is also offered from the L&E Summer Camp Team; from the moment you enquire all the way through to the camps they are there to talk though everything and anything.

Also, you can just read what parents and children have had to say about L&E on our Testimonial page to give an idea why L&E Summer Camps are special.

How do my children benefit?

In addition to partaking in many wonderful activities, children have an amazing time, become more independent and develop socially. They meet and make friends with children from different countries and cultures. This helps them to broaden their horizons and develop an understanding of others. We expect children to return home healthy and refreshed and with renewed enthusiasm and determination.

Where are the camps?

We have 4 venues; two in UK (Yorkshire & Hampshire) and two in Spain (Madrid & Cantabria).  Our two UK Summer Camps are situated in beautiful countryside locations at opposite ends of the country.  L&E North at Aysgarth School is situated in the north Yorkshire Dales countryside and L&E South at Forres Sandle Manor is situated near the beautiful historic city of Salisbury in The New Forest with easy access to London and the coast. Colegio San Fernando is located just 12 miles from the centre of Madrid and L&E Cantabria is on the North Coast of Spain less than an hour from Bilbao.

How long should we come for?

This is a tricky one. It really depends on your child. The questions you should ask yourself when thinking about this are:
i. How old are they?
ii. Have they been away from home before?
iii. What do they want out of a Summer Camp?
iv. Do they have friends or siblings coming with them?

Most of international children come for 2-3 weeks.

Alternatively please call us. We are very experienced and can usually help you work through the decision so that we make the best decision for your child.

What happens in the evenings?

The evenings are when some of the most exciting activities happen! We have a special evening activity each night. On the opening evening we   always kick off with a family BBQ and Ice Breaker Games. This lets children relax and get to know each other. Other evenings we have Theme Nights,  Water Slides and Swimming Parties, Movie Nights, Murder Mysteries, Camp Fire Nights and more.  Find Out More…

What is the food like?

The food is varied and healthy. Every mealtime each child has a choice of meal.  Our main hot meal tends to be at lunchtime to give them the energy needed for the rest of the day.  If, for any reason, they do not like the choices we have a pasta and salad bar which is always stocked high!! Fruit, bread and drinks are available all day.  Quite often our International students can suggest something from their own country to our chef and he often obliges during their stay with us – get the cook books out! Find Out More…

Where will I sleep?

All our centres have dormitory accommodation. They vary in size from venue to venue but most rooms will have between 2 and 8 beds in. Most have bunk beds, some are lots of single beds (a bit like Harry Potter). There will be somewhere for you to put away your things – a cupboard or some drawers.  Most children also bring a duvet cover to make it feel just like home! Find Out More…

What if I’m not feeling 100%?

Every camp has a Matron – this person is usually a nurse and it’s her job to look after everybody’s medicine, do First Aid and generally make sure everyone is feeling ok (she’s a bit like the L&E mum!). You’ll always know where to find her if you need her and she’ll always be happy to see you – even if you just need a hug!
L&E’s own Dr Randa Ridgway (A Paediatric Doctor) will be very happy to talk through any concerns before camp.

Will I be able to contact home?

Yes.  The children will have email, skype and phone access.  The Summer Camp Office will also have a telephone number to access 24 hours a day.  We know that being away from home can be a bit scary, but we absolutely promise that we’ll do everything we can to make sure the only reason you have to miss home is because you’ll want to tell them all about your time with L&E.

Can I come to an L&E Summer Camp with a friend? Will we be in same dorm?

If you come with a friend you can ask to be in the same dorm. Dorms are sorted by age so if you’re 11 you will be in a dorm with about five or six other 11 year olds. If a large group of friends come together you probably wouldn’t all be in the same dorm. Dorms are always either all boys or all girls.

Don’t worry if you’re coming by yourself, most people do come to L&E by themselves. We’re very good at making sure everyone gets to know each other quickly. No one ever gets left out at L&E.

Who are the children?

We have children from many different countries,  from all  races, religions and cultures. It is very important to L&E’s philosophy that children are interacting with others from a broad spectrum of backgrounds.  We want as many local children to attend as possible.  Apart, from the English Language course for our overseas campers nothing else is aimed specifically at the International children.

Can my child attend just during the day?

Not really.  We believe your child will gain the full L&E experience when choosing the Residential option.  However, we can sometimes offer taster days to see what we do. This can be discussed with the L&E Team.

What if my child gets homesick?

We will provide full support, helping your child to overcome any homesickness and becoming stronger and more self-assured in the process.  It is very normal to have these concerns but once at camp any worries usually disappear very quickly.

How much does it cost?

See Prices for details

What does the cost include?

Just about everything except pocket money, optional L&E Extra Courses, Airport Transfers and the cost of air fares.

Is it worth it?

We think so – and we have approximately 80% of families who return to us each summer to prove it! Compare the cost of taking your child on holiday to a hotel: in addition we provide the Adventure, Sport & Activity courses, excursions, excellent social company, an amazing Evening Activity Programme , 3 meals a day and 24-hour supervision!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes.  We offer discounts for siblings.   We are sure that you will find our courses offer excellent value for money compared to other similar organisations.

How do I book?

Complete our Booking Form. If we can accept your child we will send you full pre-course information (kit list, excursion details, school rules, etc) and request your deposit payment (40%) to secure the place.

Relevant for International Families Only…

How do my children improve their English?

L&E is an English speaking camp. Our staff team speak English and all our activities are run in English.  Each week we accept a maximum of 8 children with the same mother-tongue to maximise English learning.  We also have L&E English Language Lessons available each morning.
If you are coming from overseas we are sure your child will receive a full English Immersion Experience at L&E!

How many English speaking kids are there?

Each week varies but a large proportion will be native English speakers (Usually over half).

Will my child need a visa?

In brief, if your child is a non-EU citizen he or she may need a Child Visitor Visa to attend Learn & Experience. This is for children attending a short course in the UK. Do not apply for a Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa: this is much more complicated and is for children who will be staying in the UK for over 6 months. We can very easily provide a Letter of Invitation but we must have a deposit to that is fully refundable if it is rejected.  We have never had a Visa Application denied.

Do you provide Airport Transfers?

Yes, we offer transfers every Sunday to and from Manchester and Leeds Airports for L&E North Camp and London Heathrow for L&E South.  We use Madrid-Barajas for our Madrid Camp and Bilbao Airport for our Cantabria Camp.  Click here for more information

When do I need to book?

On each course we accept a maximum of 8 children who share the same mother tongue and we give priority to returning students. Because of this, places for some nationalities are fully booked by January and sometimes earlier. You can check to see if a place is available by completing the first part of our Booking Form. We occasionally get cancellations so we operate a reserve list. If you need a visa this can take longer than expected so please allow plenty of time.