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Welcome to Learn & Experience

Learn and Experience Summer Camps and Teen Travel were established in 2009. L&E offer Summer Camps in Yorkshire, UK and Madrid, Spain for 8-15 year olds and Teen Travel programmes for 15-17 year olds where they’re in control of their own trip!

L&E Summer Camps

School Holidays can be a worry for parents. Hear what Mr. Jenkins’ children, James & Becca, get up to in their Summer Holidays…

L&E Teen Travel

L&E Teen Travel is for Teens aged 15-17 to “Learn the Art of Travelling”

L&E Spanish/English Camp in Madrid

Learn & Experience are an award-winning Language Immersion youth travel provider. The have 2 venues in the UK but also 2 venues in Spain. They have English & Spanish children (+ other nationalities) mixed together learning from each other.