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L&E World Camps – what children, parents and staff say!

L&E gave us such a warm welcome. This allowed me to settle Eve, and leave confidently knowing she would be fine. It was one of the best weeks of her life.

— Eve’s Mum, Leyburn

Learn & Experience has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

— Jamie, 8, Preston

Building a campfire, toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate was my favourite memory.

— Leon, 12, Salisbury

Everything was wonderful to him; the staff, friends, English lessons, sports activities and meals there!

— Otomi’s Mum, Japan

Thank you very much again for your kindness and for making him feeling home. Thank you for the splendid experience & all that he has learnt! Thank you for the wonderful family you have chosen for him!

— Carmen , Spain

I am now back at home but I still remember how fantastic it was to stay with all of you.

— Clara, Spain (11)

My wife and I would like to thank all you provided for Aidan. 2 days after Aidan returned from England, we found that there is big change from him. More polite, better eye contact while listening to us and take care the others.

— Stanley, Hong Kong (Aidan’s Dad)

You have done a fab job, he has come out of his shell, in fact I’ve never heard him chat so much with so much enthusiasm about anything.

— Kath, Bradford (Peter’s Mum)

A big thank you my children had a fab week last week at Aysgarth – they never stopped talking and my daughter has a new sense of confidence and maturity about her – I think this is the leaders encouraging ways.

— Gillian, Bradford (Hannah and Matthew’s Mum)

The boys were absolutely thrilled with their stay. Thank you so much for everything and please thank everyone in the team who helped make it such a memorable experience for my boys.

— Val, France (Baptiste and Quentins’ Mum)

She loved it! Thankyou for bringing her out of her shell and giving her the confidence to try new things. She had such a great time the first thing she said to me when we picked her up was “when can I come back!

— Helen, Manchester

Our son found you all caring and creative and thanks to you he came back carrying some lifetime memories. Also, I will never forget how supportive you were when we had to change our original booking the last minute. I intend to recommend your camp to everyone.

— Zoe, Greece (Dimitris’ Mum)

He told us that all birthday & Christmas money had to go towards an extended stay at L&E for next year!

— Andrew, Barnsley (Thomas’ Dad)

As a mother, the best thing about L&E is to know that your children are incredibly well cared for

— Beatriz, Spain (Uxua’s Mum)

He has the time of his life and comes home happy and fulfilled every time. Thank you.

— Faith, Sweden (Isaac’s Mum)

All the staff at L&E engaged with our son and brought him out of his shell to enable him to become an independent, confident young man with a curiosity and interest in other cultures. Thank you, L&E.

— Bev, Durham (Tom’s Mum)

The reliability in your way of working with the children. Year after year the
children look forward to spending weeks with you and you keep surprising them. They are more confident and they feel great experiencing the L&E factor and talking in English

— Isabel, Spain (Pablo and Cristina’s mum)

We were unsure what to expect but I think the shift from being daunted to being enchanted was a fairly swift one for Pearl. “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” added Pearl!

— Henry, Manchester (Pearl’s Dad)

The staff are very nice and some of the kindest people I have ever met. I loved meeting new friends. The worst thing about camp was having to leave! The year that I get too old to be allowed to come back will be the worst thing ever!

— Jack (11), Harrogate

I now have friends from all over the world!

— Alice (12), Italy

L&E is a a true learning experience of life. Learning & Experiencing different things together as a team, building a strong team spirit. Learning to communicate in a foreign language. And having FUN all day long

— Johanna, Finland (Meri’s Mum)

This is the second summer and I can say that each year is even better than the last! It is the best Summer Camp in the world!

— Iranzu (12), Spain

Charlie really developed his confidence and self esteem and had a great week

— Emma, London (Charlie’s Mum)

A fantastic opportunity for children to expand their knowledge, experience valuable life lessons – meeting and sharing with others – that they possibly wouldn’t gain elsewhere. All in a safe and fun environment.

— Claire, Durham (Leanne’s Mum)

The amount of opportunities/ activities the children get is fantastic. I like that they are all gently persuaded (if necessary!) to have a go at everything, and are then helped to achieve and succeed even if they find something difficult. The independence they gain is invaluable.

— Rachel, Winchester (Florae’s Mum)

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