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North Camp, Week 4, 2018

29 July 2018 by  

Sunday, 29th July

This weekend the children enjoyed a trip to the historic city of York. They walked the old English streets and visited traditional sweet shops and some more modern day ones. They all very much enjoyed the shops and managed to miss the rain showers, which looked very ominous.

Once back at camp they all changed into their pyjamas and with duvets in hand went across to the theatre, to watch Mumma Mia! There was lots of singalongs and dancing to the many tunes and that was just from Paul, one of ur wonderful tutors.

Today we welcomed lots of new campers to L&E and although there were a few worried faces at the beginning, they are now all smiling and looking forward to a new week. The campers played packman, stuck in the mud, British bulldogs and splat to get to know each other and get to know their tutors.

Hot chocolate was fantastic tonight and was enjoyed with new friends. All of camp are excited for the new week to begin and hope to see some more famous Yorkshire sunshine tomorrow.

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Monday, 30th July

The final week of North Camp 2018 is upon us! It is a bittersweet thing knowing that it’s almost over for another year, but how can we be sad when it has been so fantastic? We still have one last action-packed week ahead of us though, so buckle up!

This morning our bleary-eyed campers trundled down to breakfast and filled themselves to the brim with crumpets and croissants before testing their dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging in the sports hall. Campers old and new went head to head with each other and the tutors, and it’s safe to say the tutors showed them who rules the dodgeball hall (the campers, clearly!).

Our energetic dodgeball session gave way to a plethora of high-octane activities. The camp’s sportspeople enjoyed a sunny game of frisbee on the field while our adventurers set to building dens in the woods. We had an L&E first with a two-storey den which had an entrance on the second floor! In the art room our creative superstars designed their own board games, even making all the dice and individual playing pieces. In English this morning the class tested their knowledge of the UK and went on a scavenger hunt in the local town, Bedale, which was a roaring success and got the campers practicing their English in the real world.

Lunchtime saw plates piled high with some extraordinary Yorkshire puddings (in preparation for Yorkshire day this Wednesday perhaps?) and this set the scene for the afternoon’s activities of indoor hockey, baking and an extreme scavenger hunt. Indoor hockey has been a firm favourite at camp this year and today’s session did not disappoint. The bakers made cupcakes aplenty for Daniel’s birthday. That said, few cakes survived until we sang him happy birthday after dinner, the majority were gobbled up well before! The scavenger hunt took our adventurers on a tour of the grounds, and the session descended into a variety of other fun games including hill rolling and a stick tower building challenge.  

Following this action-packed afternoon our campers settled down for dinner before embarking upon the ice breaker evening. Everyone showed their true colours tonight, with outstanding levels of competition and silliness throughout the games which included fancy dress relay races, chubby bunnies and the infamous egg drop. 

Spirits were high before bed, with campers enjoying their hot chocolate with new friends and catching up on the day’s events. We all went to bed with full hearts and excitement for the week ahead. Stay tuned for more!

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Tuesday, 31st July

We awoke on a blustery Tuesday morning, feeling much more settled-in thanks to the ice-breakers from the night before and excited for the day ahead. Making our way down to the hall, we dined on scrambled eggs and bacon butties, rubbing the sleep from our eyes. Activities for the morning included scuba diving, extreme origami and cricket – but first dodgeball!

The morning dodgeball game has become something of a ritual at L&E, and if you’ve been keeping up with this blog then you know the drill; two teams, ten balls, and everything to play for. Competitive juices were in full flow this morning, and the game culminated in ‘Germans vs All.’ There was no time to rest for the sweaty campers though, it was straight on to activities. Scuba diving was very popular. In small groups we clambered into the pool and ‘Scuba Steve’ took us through everything, from correctly putting on our oxygen tanks, to deflating our jackets. Undulating through the water like a graceful shoal of fish, we entered another world! Back on solid ground, some of the kids got to experience proper pads and helmets on the cricket pitch, closely followed by an intense game of rounders in the morning sunshine. Things got technical in the art room. Everyone’s favourite tutor, Connie, lead a group in making paper icosahedrons; this is a twenty-sided 3D shape made out of truncated pyramids, and resulted in lots of quiet, concentrated faces. 

With only a short biscuit break to punctuate the morning excursions, we were all starving by the time lunch rolled around. Afternoon ventures included badminton, tennis, drawing portraits and more scuba for anyone who missed it in the morning. We began with some racket handling in badminton and tennis to get our brains warmed up, then straight into games! In creative, some chose to finish their art project from the morning, while others studied the face of the person opposite and created some master portraits. Despite all the scuba diving, some were still keen for another swim during the pool session later on, while the others went to chillax in the common rooms. 

Korma greeted us for supper, and then we ate our ice lollies outside in the warm evening sun. Tuesday night means one thing; campfire! We bundled down the hill (perhaps scaring some local sheep as we ran) and made ourselves comfortable on the logs and make-shift benches around the fire pit. A little nervous at first maybe, our singing grew louder as our songs flourished and the evening went on. Everything from national anthems, silly rhymes and some guitar classics. This all culminated in the most important component of any camp fire; finding the perfect stick to toast marshmallows of course. We didn’t want the evening to end, but alas we eventually made our way back for hot chocolate and jammies. What will tomorrow bring? Only time will tell…

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Wednesday, 1st August

Can you believe the last week of North Camp is over halfway done? Wednesday arrived and with it, a whole host of sleepy campers – tired out after a thrilling and exhausting campfire. But regardless, they flew down the stairs ready for breakfast. It has got to the point where food is no longer just ‘food’ in the morning, it has become ‘Dodgeball Fuel’. Some of the children continue to impress with their skills and continue to make the tutors look like fools. This year could go down as the only the year the tutors haven’t registered a victory – 2 mornings left to change that… Adventure this morning saw a swashbuckling group tackle some canoeing! They performed admirably and didn’t hesitate to jump in at the end when given the option! Back at camp, things were equally wet as Water Polo and Pool Games were on the menu. The children, or should I say dolphins, swam effortlessly around and were up to a number of challenges set by the tutors, including: diving catches, mermaid racing, find the bottle, belly flops, and diving competitions just to name a few. The session ended with a thrilling game of water polo, in which a number of children impressed with some superb goals and blocks! Thankfully, Creative remained dry, as their task was to learn the ukulele! Hopefully we’ll see some performances at the Oscars, so stay tuned for video evidence – and sorry if the kids come back wanting one!! In the afternoon, another group went canoeing whilst an intense football tournament took place back at HQ. And those wanting a slightly more relaxed afternoon, were tasked with creating a beautiful nature collage. So, as you can probably tell, it has certainly been an action-packed day at camp! After a well-deserved and hard-earned dinner of lasagne, the children had chance to relax and rest themselves for their last few days at camp. They settled down to a film (Eddie the Eagle) and bonded with new friends as they relaxed and chilled together in the theatre. We can’t believe there’s only two days of camp left… your children have been a delight and we’re looking forward to an amazing theme night tomorrow! Good night from us!

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Thursday, 2nd August

Our happy campers woke up this morning buzzing with energy and excited to conquer another day at L&E HQ. After a filling breakfast, it was straight to the dodgeball arena, where the tutors remained winless as the children bombarded them with flying missiles. Not only this, they engaged in a furious battle with one another, with a number of children putting themselves in contention for the Dodgeball Award at the Oscars. In the morning, our campers were put through their paces in the theatre as they choreographed a dance and then calmed and soothed their souls with a relaxing yoga session. The creative bunch showed off their painting skills and decorated rocks they scavenged from around the school grounds, as well as showing off some fantastic artwork skills with some half-face drawings of the staff. Meanwhile, away from camp, the adventurers went climbing and pushed themselves to their limits, whilst the equestrian crew changed things up as they rode in the morning and played games on their horses! In the afternoon, sport changed to basketball/benchball and even a little more dodgeball in preparation for tomorrow’s final session! Tie-dye was on the menu for the creative bunch, and they made bags, as well as an assortment of clothing! And after this, it was time for the big Thursday night…. Theme Night! With a theme of Great British Sporting Stars, the campers fought for their Great British countries: Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. The campers fought it out in a number of challenges, including: Yorkshire pudding and crumpet throwing, caber tossing, welly wanging, tea transporting, egg&spoon racing and ending with a tug of war. Only for late drama to unfold… a tie between England and Wales! This meant that two campers were asked to dive head-first into a trifle and fish out a sweet with their teeth! What a crazy end to a brilliant night! The children headed to bed with smiles on their faces (and two of them with custard too). Your children continue to be a delight and have had a fantastic week so far. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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Friday, 5th August

A poem to end with…

L&E North Camp 2018

As we come to the end,

Of North Camp this year,

We can always depend,

On our high spirits and cheer


We’ve ducked and we’ve dodged,

We’ve dipped and we’ve dived,

For four weeks we’ve lodged,

And together we’ve thrived


We sleep in our dorm,

In the day we’re together,

Great friendships we form,

And they will last forever


We’ve had some new faces,

Some old ones returned,

We’ve done wacky races,

And the campfire’s burned


We’ve had the world cup,

And spies doing missions,

Disney crime cover up,

In theme night suspicions


It’s been a month filled with fun,

And camps been a pleasure,

Good times from day one,

And memories we’ll treasure.