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“Positive Residential experiences have a powerful developmental impact”

When children pack their bags for an adventure with us, we like to think they’ll return with much more than just their belongings. We set out to inspire them, and that starts from the minute they arrive. We always use venues with magnificent architecture which hints at some of the magic ahead. Our incredible UK venues are easily accessible and set amongst the rolling fields of north Yorkshire’s famous countryside or the magical forests with wild horses in Hampshire. Once the camp gets underway, each beautiful building buzzes into life with L&E energy. Children return from their adventures with more confidence, new friendships, new skills and broader horizons, but that doesn’t mean the first steps of a residential stay aren’t sometimes a bit daunting. Residential Camp

Welfare & Safety

We always approach things from the children’s perspective and we go the extra mile with every child to make sure they settle with us quickly. Our caring and experienced L&E team is on site 24 hours a day, with an on-call matron. Each member of staff has been chosen for their ability to communicate with children and their commitment to ensuring that each child has a fantastic learning adventure with us.


Our facilities are the backdrop for your child’s adventure with us so we make sure it soon becomes home from home – everything from the delicious food (sample menu) to where they sleep. Children can bring their own duvets with them and we carefully choose who will stay in which homely dormitory, according to age and personality (we will always separate nationalities to encourage English being spoken) – boys and girls are always separate.

Evening Activities

Staying residentially offers the fullest experience possible and extends beyond the day’s fun. Among a huge list of changing activities each evening, we put on plays, we host talent shows, we put on ‘bin bag fashion shows’, murder mystery nights, quiz nights, water fight championships as well as the legendary L&E campfire, famed for marshmallows and sing-songs.

  • Camp Fire Nights
  • Murder Mysteries
  • Water Fight Championships
  • Theme Nights + Lots more…

What happens at the weekends?

If you’re staying for more than one week the weekends can be seen as your bonus!! It’s a time to relax a little and spend more time with your new friends. There will be some fantastic trips organised over the weekends including:

  • Saturday: York
  • Sunday: Theme Park & Farm