L&E World Camps and Teen Travel

About L&E School Trips

Learn & Experience  is dedicated to providing safe, adventurous, cultural and language experiences for young people in UK, France & Spain.  We pride ourselves on our personalised service, our dedicated passion for learning through experiences and our expertise and knowledge of the destinations we offer. L&E School Trips work closely with teachers, and often students, to help you build your trip. We specialise in developing these unique trips by using our extensive destination knowledge and experience to help you build an itinerary that is exciting, educational and safe!  The clue is in the name….with L&E School/Group Trips, Young people will…Learn AND Experience’. 

L&E School Trip durations can range from 3 days to 21 days and could include some or all of the key elements laid out below.

We can offer tailor-made camps or school trips in the UK, France or Spain for School Groups or Sports Clubs during term and holiday time. Please contact us to discuss how we can help .

We have venues in the UK, France & Spain available exclusively for larger groups (Over 20). Smaller groups (under 10) can also attend our scheduled L&E Summer Camps in the UK & Spain.