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South Camp, Week 1, 2018

29 July 2018 by  

Monday, 30th July

Today was the OFFICIAL First day of L&E South Camp Week 1!

We started off the day with our happy campers trooping down for breakfast after settling into their dorms last night and growing friendly with their dorm mates. The weather seemed optimistic, but our tutors were still apprehensive to send our campers into the rain!

But we couldn’t bare our campers missing out on a cool adventure activity; thankfully the weather was on our side and our morning activity was EXTREME den building. Our campers traveled into the woods and built some awesome dens, which are now going to be used as the scene setting for our creative group’s monster character in their movie (stay tuned!).

The sport was some wonderful quick-fire games of badminton in pairs. It was first to 5 points so everyone got to play against everyone else…we had some stiff competition!! They finished badminton before lunch with a great game of ‘around-the-world’ in which each player, after they had hit the shuttlecock, had to run to the other side of the net. Although our tutors tried, they just couldn’t keep up with the skill of our campers! The English class started off this week by introducing each other with their hobbies and playing some giant scrabble games to test how many english words they know. As the week goes on our tutors hope to play scrabble again and see how much the camper’s word choice has improved; good luck to them all.

We had some hearty spaghetti bolognese for lunch, followed by some music video/movie making in creative and indoor hockey and cricket… thanks to the rain! Our girls made a cool video cover of Dua Lipa’s song New Rules, whilst another group made a horror movie of a school haunted by a scary forest monster… oOoOoOoO!! We had some cricket fanatics that showed the other campers how its done, before everyone had some free time to get to know the school, play on the pool table and chill in the common room.

Dinner was a British favourite of Bangers and Mash which fuelled our campers up for the famous L&E IceBreakers!

We split out campers into mixed age groups to make sure they got to know as many new campers as possible. We played some great communication games; such as getting our team into height and shoe size order WITHOUT making any noise. We followed this by a game of ‘chubby bunnies’ in which one member of each group had to try and stuff as many marshmallows in their mouth as possible while still being able to say chubby bunnies. Then the famous egg drop happened… each team was given material to make a basket and parachute in which to drop an egg from the balcony in a way that stopped the egg form breaking. We had a record 4/5 eggs come out unbroken!! Well done to our campers!!

After some hot chocolate, our campers have happily gone to bed ready for another full day of adventures and fun.

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Tuesday, 31st July

The kids began the day in high spirits following last night’s Ice Breakers. After a filling breakfast, half the camp set out for the morning adventure activity at the nearby waterpark; which was one of the highlights of the week. With a huge inflatable obstacle course in the middle of a stunning lake, it was a morning to remember for all those who attended.

Those who stayed at camp enjoyed a competitive game of dodgeball followed by a morning filled with creativity and action-packed sports. Half the camp enjoyed a morning of tennis, with a camp competition being played to see who the best at camp was. The other half of camp got artistic by collecting materials from the woods to create some stunning woodland art portraits and paintings.

After such a busy morning the kids were ready for lunch and raring to go for the afternoons activities. Some of the kids left to continue their horse-riding, which they have really been enjoying and progressing in. The rest of the camp continued their music videos they have been developing and which we look forward to seeing later at this week’s end of week Oscar awards show. The other kids enjoyed a robin hood themed archery competition with some very talented young archers taking centre stage. The kids all then cooled down with a quick dip in the pool.

After a big dinner the kids enjoyed a group game of British bulldogs and then an evening packed with singing, jokes, riddles and dancing round the L&E Campfire. Kids sung for their marshmallows and enjoyed stories and games round a wonderful camp. It truly was an evening to remember. After a hot-chocolate and some last-minute games with their friends, the kids headed to bed getting some much-needed rest after a fun-filled and truly memorable summers day.

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Wednesday, 1st August

We’re halfway through the week and today’s breakfast was a selection of cereal, toast and pancakes which went down a treat!  We then wandered down to the sports hall to start the day with a game of rubber chicken and a dance to the Cha-Cha-Slide before having a traditional L&E game of dodgeball.

The children were then given two options.  Creative, in which they were challenged to draw/paint what was in their mind, and Adventure, where they would do whittling and fire making. The artists went off to the art block and started their ‘Draw my Mind’.  They all enjoyed it and, even though they didn’t get it all done in the morning session, they had fun singing along to songs and painting.  The adventure participants were handy with the knife in hand and whittled some impressive sticks, some with grooves in the handle for their fingers!  The fire was also a roaring success and we even managed to cook some tasty apples and marshmallows on it at the end of the session.  The English students also had fun and began interviewing staff and students in preparations for creating L&E’s weekly news article.

After a short break the whole camp came together on the field for a big game of rounder’s.  Though a lot of the campers were playing it for the first time, they gave it their all; throwing themselves to try and take catches and smashing the ball miles.  We were then treated to a lunch of chicken nuggets, chips and beans with an ice-lolly for pudding.  After a lunch break the afternoon had three options: water park (adventure), free art (creative) and basketball (sport).

The adventure participants were astounded by the immense lake and the inflatable obstacle course in the centre of it.  Once they’d had their safety briefing and put their life jacket’s on, they jumped, bounced, fell and flipped their way around the course.  In art this afternoon some of the participants decided to finish their ‘Draw my Mind’ task from this morning and others opted for a free art.  There was a wide variety of objects were drawn including the galaxy, an ice cream and a donkey!  The art at this camp it getting better by the day, there’s lots of Van Goghs in the making!  The basketballers started with a few warm-ups before breaking into a full game.  After a short drinks break they then played three games of killer which each had a dramatic finish!

Due to the gorgeous weather we’ve been having recently, the pool was open for an extra hour this afternoon and the kids all had fun splashing around, having swimming races and playing various ball games.

After a delicious dinner of pizza and a bit more free time we all settled down to watch ‘The Greatest Showman’ in preparation for tomorrow’s ‘Greatest Showman’ themed night.  The children enjoyed it and were still singing the songs when they were brushing their teeth and tucking themselves into bed, excited for tomorrow evening.

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Thursday, 2nd August

We started the day in glorious sunshine and got right into the mornings activities with football in the sun as the kids re-enacted this year’s world cup final! The rest of the kids enjoyed some painting and decoration making for the evenings activities. The horse riders also had their 2nd last lesson of the week, with the kids really progressing in their skills.

The kids then refuelled with a filling lunch and headed back out to activities for the afternoon. The kids who enjoy painting and getting their creative juices flowing headed to our art gallery to work on some circus paintings for the evenings theme night. Those on sport headed indoors to escape the heat and played a variety of L&E classics including bench ball, dodgeball and Danish rounders. After the afternoons activities the kids enjoyed the afternoon sun swimming in the pool. Everyone was having a lovely afternoon playing games in the water.

After the afternoons games the kids got stuck into their dinner while the staff began preparing the evenings theme night, which was a truly spectacular evening. The theme was The Greatest Showman’s Circus show and the school was transformed for one evening into a circus worthy to travel the world. The kids were called outside and treated to some amazing performances from our transformed staff, who included Bonny the fortune teller, Jack the bearded lady, Sam the Clown, Rashma the tight rope walker and Sam and Julie the ring masters. We were also fortunate enough to have a special guest appearance from Paddy the Juggler who was a professional circus performer.

After a small group show the kids were given the chance to test their circus skills, with the best children having the opportunity to perform with Paddy at the end of the evening. After each kid had tried each skill we chose 5 children, each the best in their field, and they all showed off their scenes in front of the rest of the camp. After that we finished with a small disco as the sun began to set in the background. If only the night could have continued to run on! Eventually after some group photos everyone headed in for hot chocolate and then into their rooms to get ready for bed. It was a really special day, topped off with one of the best nights of the camp so far; let’s hope there are many more to come.

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