L&E World Camps and Teen Travel

From Overseas?

“Bringing The World’s Youth Together Since 2009”

Having a mix of children from the UK and children from overseas is what makes L&E World Camps so special…

For our overseas children, at L&E World Camps, we have an emphasis on experiencing and embracing the English Culture and the language will come naturally.

“At our Camps a large proportion of our children are UK locals providing an authentic English language immersion”

International children can choose to attend our L&E English Language Course every morning or choose morning Activities.

L&E English Language Course

“At World Camps each week we accept a maximum of 8 children from the same country to maximise English learning”

“We have had children attend our World Camps from over 50 different countries. Click here to see the L&E Map of where children who attend our L&E World Camps come from

All races and religions are welcome. International friendship and understanding are an important part of our camps. Our Centres are located at the very best Schools in the UK, offering children the opportunity to experience the best of England.

Airport Transfers

We can arrange Airport Transfers for International children.

We understand that the travel arrangments can be the hardest part to organise.  We have families from all over the world and we try to be as helpful as possible.  We can only offer airport transfers at certain times. Please be in contact to ask for our advice regarding timings of arrival and departure.  Please do not book flights without consulting us first