L&E World Camps and Teen Travel

What’s Teen Travel?

“Learn the Art of Travel”

L&E Teen Travel is like no other experience… Teens are in charge of their own experience.  Exploring in groups of 6-10 with other teens from across the World.  They will be accompanied by a L&E Travel Mentor but THEY are in control of:

  • their own Budget
  • their own Itinerary
  • their own Accommodation
  • their own Transport
  • their own Food

L&E Teen Travel gives young people the life skills for their future journey.

There comes a time when they want to explore the world for themselves and make their own decisions.

Learn & Experience are the first UK provider to offer a travel experience for Under 16s where young people from around the world plan and undertake their own adventure, with a “travel mentor’ at arm’s length.

The focus is to prepare and inspire young people for any travelling they do in the future. It’s a chance for them to step out into the world and learn life changing and practical skills with the freedom of feeling safe with our experienced guides.

L&E Teen Travel Trips

In their own words!

L&E Teen Travel has 3 main objectives

1) To prepare young people (Under 16s) for any travelling they do in the future

2) To give Teens the chance to make their own decisions by giving them control of their own itinerary and budget.

3) To give parents the reassurance that their children are learning valuable life skills in a safe, secure but exciting and challenging environment.

How does it work?

They’ll have a total budget for their travels with a big focus on learning to manage their money and get the most out of it.

They’ll learn from the travel mentors how to get the best deals on booking and about how to stay safe.

This is as far removed from the prescriptive summer travel experience as you can get. The travellers will be encouraged to seek out and visit places that really interest them, research what’s on in the local area and challenge themselves to manage their own exciting adventure.

They’ll be supervised but our travel mentors are there to encourage and support rather than to hold travellers back, so the journey is for the teens to lead.

L&E Teen Travellers get to do what THEY want to do… Enjoy Art? Check out The Mona Lisa at The Louvre in Paris.  In to your History?  Belgium will blow your mind!  More of a Sports Fan than an Art Buff?  Tour The Amsterdam Arena “home of the famous Ajax” instead! Prefer something a bit more adventurous? Go skiing in Canada!

Why does it work?

Seasoned Travellers recognise that unplanned activities often turn out to be the most memorable, which is why our Teen Travellers get to be flexible when there’s a local Music Festival or special Art Exhibition the Group is interested in seeing.  Our trips are organised into sessions lasting 14 days. The Group sizes can vary from 6-10.


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