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What is the L&E UK Tour?

L&E UK Tour Teen Travel is a 14 day trip of a lifetime around the UK while co-operating with a diverse group of teens from around the world.

Teens will meet in London (airport transfers can be provided).

After a 24 hour planning period they will be embark on their “UK Tour”.

English will be the common language and will be spoken exclusively.

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They will gain experience in:

  • Teamwork
  • Independence
  • Managing a budget
  • Booking Accommodation/Travel
  • A sense of Adventure
  • Tolerance
  • Learning about yourself and others
  • Sense of exploration
  • Opportunities to develop resilience

L&E Teen Travel in their own words


  • Arrival: London (airport transfers can be provided).
  • London-Cardiff-Edinburgh-York is the rough route
  • End at: Aysgarth School, N. Yorks for debrief on Sat 13th July (Fly out of Manchester or London Airports)


  • July & August, 2020


  • L&E Approved Hotels
  • L&E Approved Youth hostels
  • World Camp UK, Aysgarth School, N.Yorkshire


  • 13-16 years old

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