L&E World Camps and Teen Travel

Terms & Conditions

  • The first move by a client towards booking a place with LEARN & EXPERIENCE (L&E) must be to request a set number of places for a specified time period (arrival and departure to be clearly stated.) L&E will then send a letter of allocation specifying how many places are being held, name of venue and the exact arrival and departure dates. It will also specify a cut off date by which time the reservation will be released. Deadline dates can be extended on request, though L&E cannot guarantee to do so. An allocation letter does NOT constitute confirmation of booking in any shape or form.
  • Once a client wishes to go ahead and confirm the reservation, they must put this confirmation in writing CLEARLY stating dates (as on allocation letter,) number of places. All future correspondence will be addressed to this person. The booking will be confirmed and a contract will then exist, once L&E have confirmed the details of the booking in writing. This will be done within 24 hours of having received the client’s confirmation letter.
  • Within two weeks of having confirmed the booking, L&E will require a deposit, an invoice will be raised for the projected total and the client will be in breach of contract if this payment is not made by the date specified.
  • The balance will be due six weeks prior to arrival to camp. (In the event of an option being taken out less than six weeks before arrival to camp, full payment will be due on confirmation.)
  • As stated above, extra numbers can be added (subject to availability.) This will be confirmed in writing and an invoice raised accordingly; payment will be expected immediately if less than four weeks before arrival.
  • Should a client have to cancel a booking, it must be done in writing to L&E and, once received by us, we will acknowledge this in writing within three working days of receiving the client notification. Cancellation charges are payable as follows:
    More than 4 weeks before commencement date Loss of deposit
    3-4 weeks before commencement date 60% of holiday cost will be charged
    2-3 weeks before commencement date 85% of holiday cost will be charged
    Less than 2 weeks before commencement date 100% of holiday cost will be charged
  • L&E reserve the right to exclude, expel or refuse any person at any time to any course or activity if, in the opinion of L&E, that person is not compatible with the general enjoyment or well being of other clients. In this case, no refund will be given for any unexpired portion of the activity, course or tour.
  • No cancellation will be paid or refund given if the cancellation or change by L&E is brought about by war or threat of war, strikes, disaster, terrorist activities, quarantine, technical problems with transportation, weather or any other event outside the control of L&E.
  • L&E shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any luggage or any person undertaking a holiday, or any loss, delay or inconvenience, or fatal or other injuries or illness suffered by that person, provided L&E has exercised reasonable care.
  • The details on the L&E Website and outlined in other literature are published in good faith as of September 2015. Holiday activities, venues, travel details and host families are subject to change and are dependent on weather, programme requirements, and a satisfactory level of participants. L&E reserve the right to make any necessary change for any aspect of the programme prior to arrival or during the holiday. Where it is necessary this will at all times be done with the success of the programme, and the overall enjoyment by the group(s) concerned, in mind.
  • Bookings made directly by persons under 18 cannot usually be accepted.
  • Bed linen is provided but towels and soap are not.
  • No responsibility can be taken by Learn & Experience for any damage done to articles of clothing while being laundered.
  • It is a condition that all students are covered by a recognised travel insurance policy. Proof may be required that all students are covered prior to travelling.
  • Learn & Experience reserves the right to inspect all student bedrooms in the unlikely event of thefts occurring on campus.
  • The price of your holiday is fully guaranteed and will not be subject to any surcharges.
    [EXCEPT: Prices quoted include VAT where applicable at 20%, the rate at the time of printing, September 2015. Any increase in VAT , however, will be added to the price of the holiday.]
  • This contract is made on the terms of these booking conditions which are governed by English Law and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of English court at all times.
  • Please note that we cannot ever guarantee which rooms and what size of room any students will occupy. We can take requests and will do out utmost to accede to these requests but can make no promises whatsoever.

    No refunds can be given whatsoever if groups/individuals decide not to take any particular element of the course (ie. an entrance or an excursion).

    Methods Of Payment

    L&E accepts the following methods of payment:


    All bank transfers must be made in pounds sterling to our bank, details as follows:

    UK Transfer

    Payee: Learn & Experience Limited

    Bank: Nat West, Skipton Branch, Exchange Buildings, High Street, Skipton, BD23 1JL

    Sort Code: 55 – 50 – 10

    Account No: 57081379

    International Transfer

    Payee: Learn & Experience Limited

    Bank: Nat West, Skipton Branch, Exchange Buildings, High Street, Skipton, BD23 1JL

    IBAN: GB05 NWBK 5550 1057 0813 79

    There will be a charge of £10 for each such transfer.

    (b) CHEQUE

    Any cheques which are drawn on a UK bank are accepted by L&E. Non UK cheques are subject to a charge.

    Insurance Cover

    It is vital that every student on a L&E Holiday is fully insured.

    Learn & Experience Head Office, Top Barn, Back Lane, Hetton, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 3RU
    Telephone +44 (0)1756 730982 Mobile +44 (0)774 564 1079
    E Mail: info@learnexperience.co.uk